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A Little Ode to the Man Behind the Biggest Apple in the World

Steve Jobs In Your Face!Very seldom, I like to use this soapbox for something other than discussing beer. The 10th anniversary of 9/11 was one of those things; another such event happened tonight.

Today, at the young age of 56, the world’s most famous tech geek passed away. I’m sure there are already hundreds of people writing articles and blog posts about Steve Jobs. And 99% of them will be better than mine.

But for some unknown reason, I feel compelled to write.

Tons of thoughts are swirling in mind and I have a feeling that no matter how many times I edit this post, I will never quite get it right. Yet I feel the need to write about Steve Jobs.

When I first heard that Steve Jobs passed away, I was immediately saddened. I wasn’t sure why. He wasn’t a family member or a friend. I never met him. I wasn’t close to him but I was sad.

I even remember over the years hearing tough to swallow things about Jobs – things like he was a hardass, prone to fits of rage, an instant yeller, and someone whose mind could never be changed. Despite remembering all of these things, I was still sad.

Various iPodsThen I started thinking about what Steve Jobs meant to a substantial portion of the human race (feels weird to write that). He was an innovator and an artist that touched billions of people throughout the world. How often can you say that about a single human being?

His products were creative, smart, fun and always kept the end-user in mind. They revolutionized how people interacted with machines and gave birth to GUIs that could be used by both a baby and an 80-year old geriatric.

The products that he created resonate throughout our society and personal lives. Between the six of us, my immediate family members and I own:

  • 5 iPhones
  • 5 iPods
  • 4 iPads
  • 2 MacBooks

That’s a total of 16 Apple products – guess what was a distant second with three? Sony: two TVs and a Playstation. Wow.

This is the reach of Steve Jobs – his unique combination of product creativity and business intelligence turned Apple into a $300B+ company rivaling the GDP of most countries (Apple Nation). In a ten year span, Apple stock rose from trading at $8 to over $370 per share. This happened in 10 years!

MacWorld 1984 - Steve JobsTo me, this was the coolest thing about Steve Jobs – his ability to relate to everyone. Hipsters and techies loved him – who else unveiled the next multimillion dollar product in jeans and sneakers? Investors and bankers loved him – he turned a company that was barely surviving to the giant it is today.

I’m curious where Apple goes from here. I wonder how the company is going to react and if there will be a somber mood in the air at all Apple stores tomorrow.

Regardless of what happens, I know he will be missed by many. And I’m very happy to have lived in the Steve Jobs era – an era that I’m sure my kids will some day learn about.

Be good Steve! Thanks for everything.

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