I Have Never Done 100 Miles Before: Twin Lights Bike Ride!

Bike New York LogoThis Sunday at 5:30AM I will be waking up to do something that I have thought about doing plenty of times but never had the opportunity to do. I will be participating in my first 100 mile (aka Century) bike ride.

Now, now – I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself – what does this have to do with craft beer?

Well, outside of the fact that cycling is another one of my hobbies, not much really! But this is my social and creative outlet so I figured I’d share with you what my plans are for Sunday.

Along with the Dive Cycle crew (more on them in a minute), I will be partaking in the Bike New York (@bikenewyork) Twin Lights Bike Ride in Highlands, NJ. Like most cycling events, this day long extravaganza includes several routes including 35, 55, 75 and 100 mile journeys. Check out the route maps here.

Twin Lights Ride

Twin Lights Ride Logo

As you can imagine, the shorter distances are fairly simple and are geared towards the biking beginning. Once you start moving up into the 75 and 100 mile range, you will need a good road bike, strong road tires, and spare tubes galore.

Throughout the day on Sunday, I will be tweeting my progress as I traverse through this crazy escapade that the Dive Cycle crew and I have embarked on.

This is the second race that the three of us will be riding together as we completed the 42-mile 5 Borough NYC Bike Ride earlier this year.

Although I’m not yet a member, I have requested to be initiated into the one woman, one man crew who prides itself on riding and diving hard. The term “dive” comes from “dive bar” as the duo, Kelly and Scott, frequently visit dive bars along bike routes in Western NJ and Eastern PA in search of good craft beer.

You will have to drink a pint of beer with a goldfish in it while cycling in a circle in order to be initiated.

Unofficial Dive Cycle Logo

Unofficial Dive Cycle Logo - New Version Coming Soon!

Whether this is the truth or not, I will have my pint glass ready. And goldfish or not, we will definitely be celebrating with a craft beer after the race!

Wish us luck!

What’s the longest bike ride you’ve ever gone on and did it involve craft beer?

Update: Century Fail! Unfortunately, Dive Cycle did not finish the 100 mile bike ride we originally anticipated on completing.

As a very childish prank, someone (still unknown) spilled a box of tacks on the road at around the 50 mile marker. All three of our front tires were affected, and although they remained filled with air for another 6 miles, the air ultimately began seeping out causing flats.

By the time we reached the next rest stop (which was now closed), it was too late to continue. We waited two hours for a ride back to the starting point. All things considered, we were very happy to have finished 56 miles. We’ll get that century soon enough!

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