News, Reviews, and Opinions – What’s your role?

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We all have a purpose – how many times have you heard that statement? Whether it’s at our day job, in an extra curricular activity, or at home – we all try to find a reason for being involved.

Being a part of the craft beer community is no different. Since I started following people part of this movement, started reading their blogs, and ultimately started my own, I noticed a clear delineation in roles.

We have reviewers, news spreaders (local and national), brewery representatives, home brewing advocates, brew pub event promoters, blog readers, and my favorite: opinionators. (I hope that’s a real word).

Although some cross the lines at times, majority of participants stick to the role they enjoy the most. Those that don’t like to write, typically follow and read. Those that focus on the product, typically write daily reviews. Those creative enough to create, home brew and tell the world about their experiences.

We all have our calling – no single one being more important than the next.

As I’ve been deliberating the direction of my blog over the past month, I’ve tried to determine my role. After some brainstorming sessions and although it’s not set in stone, I’m not surprised about my personal craft beer role discovery.

Similar to my personality (I’m frequently known as the guy that knows a little bit about everything), I believe my role here is that of someone that dabbles in a little bit of everything.

I won’t write the best review – but I’ll do some (detailed ones for other blogs and one-liners for mine). I’ll do what I can to spread news – mostly local but worthwhile national information too. I’ll have an opinion – maybe not one that sparks month long conversations, but one that is my own.

Not all of us will have a clearly defined role (as you can see by my self discovery). But it’s interesting what you find out when you spend some time reflecting on what you can bring to help expand an extremely diverse and robust community.

What is your role and how have you taken part in the craft beer community?

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