Bomb(er) Shelter: Selections from @GooseIsland, @IthacaBeer and @MoylansBrewery!

Z Marks the Spot: Bomb(er) Shelter Highlight

bomb(er) shelter: august 30th selections

Shelter these bombers! Night Stalker by Goose Island, Thirteen by Ithaca, Moylander

Night Stalker
Style: Imperial Stout, ABV: 11.7%
Z-Liner: “Very strong hoppy stout that pours like oil and gets better with time.”
Best Consumed: “On a cold winter day after you’ve aged it for three years.”

Goose Island, Chicago, Illinois
Twitter: @GooseIsland | Website:

Style: Wheatwine, ABV: 9%
Z-Liner: “Wheat Ale that incorporates soft smells like vanilla into the fruity scents of a wheat.”
Best Consumed: “With your ‘less inclined to try craft beer’ significant other.”

Ithaca Beer Company, Ithaca, NY
Twitter: @IthacaBeer | Website:

Moylander Double IPA
Style: Double IPA, ABV: 8.5%
Z-Liner: “Strong IPA that is very bitter on the tongue yet sweet on the nose.”
Best Consumed: “When looking for that perfect beer to pair with a very sweet dessert like cheesecake.”

Moylan’s Brewery & Resturant, Novato, CA
Twitter: @MoylansBrewery | Website:

About bomb(er) shelter
Frequently taken for granted within our industry, this is an ode to my favorite craft beer collecting and dispensing method: the 22oz bomber (for the sake of disambiguation, I am using the term bomber to represent both 22 oz. and 750ml bottles). This mini-feature will highlight various bombers that I have had the pleasure of experiencing. Cheers!

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