@BrewDog and Ghost Deer! An Interesting Introduction..

The Deer!

Brew Dog's Ghost Deer is Served From a Deer Head!

Over the past 24 hours the craft beer twitter world has been buzzing about Brew Dog’s latest addition to their already impressive arsenal. Ghost Deer was introduced by the Scottish brewery as: “A defiant and irreverent, devil may care, supersonic bitch of a beer. Ghost Deer is a 28% fermented beer, the strongest ever fermented beer which is only ever served from a single handcrafted and authentic deer’s head.” (Read more here ==> bit.ly/nM3fm3)

The craft was tapped at Brew Dog Edinburgh and the initial reviews are in: it’s a great beer. However, a few craftheads took to twitter and defined Brew Dog’s promotions as gimmicky and weren’t blow away by the video launched on the brewers site on Wednesday morning.

I found the video funny as I enjoy anything out of the norm. It’s nice to see brewers take themselves less seriously and try non-standard means of marketing – even if they are “gimmicky”. After all, brands like Flying Dog and Stone at times go for strange brand marketing methods which have been well received. Since this brew is only being served on draft, here’s to hoping that the deer finds it’s way into a Fed-Ex box destined for the US ASAP.

What do you think about Brew Dog’s introduction of Ghost Deer?

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