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Bomb(er) Shelter: An Ode to My Favorite Bottle

About Bomb(er) Shelter
Within the craft beer industry, consumers have an array of delivery devices available at their disposal.

Pint glasses, cans, long necks and growlers line the shelves and refrigerators of your favorite bar and a six-pack is synonymous with the phrase “pick up some beer”.

But in my opinion, there is no better way to explore craft beer than grabbing a cold bomber and pouring yourself a delicious glass just the way you like it.

Frequently taken for granted within our industry, this is an ode to my favorite craft beer collecting and dispensing method: the 22oz bomber (for the sake of disambiguation, I am using the term bomber to represent both 22 oz. and 750ml bottles). This mini-feature will highlight various bombers that I have had the pleasure of experiencing.

My First Bomber Experience
My first bomber purchase was driven directly by a sample of what has quickly become the number one craft on my list: the Double Jack IPA by Firestone Walker in Paso Robles, CA.

Double Jack IPADuring a night out at my favorite local watering hole, The Iron Monkey (@TheIronMonkey) the rooftop bar was dispensing this delicious Double IPA from their draft and serving it in snifters. Wanting to experience all that is Double Jack at home, the next day I hurried to my local craft beer shop, Jersey City Buy Rite (@JCBuyRiteWines), to find this amazing concoction.

To my naive surprise – there were no Double Jack six-packs. But there were plenty of bombers! I picked up the bottle, held it in my hand, and reveled at it’s remarkable simplicity. I purchase three bottles, ran home, and searched for an old whiskey snifter I had somewhere in the back of the cupboard.

And, as you can imagine, the rest history! Now there doesn’t go a trip to the store without a purchase of at least one bomber. In addition to being a great dispensing method, it is also a fantastic way to collect and display your beer collection. Cheers!

Z Marks the Spot: bomb(er) shelter highlight
Double Jack IPA

Double Jack IPA - Bomber

Craft Information
Style: Double IPA
ABV: 9.5%
One-Liner: “The bitterness of a Pale Ale with the strength of a fruity Double IPA.”
Best Consumed: “On a cool fall night surrounded by friends you’re willing to share this with.”

Brewery Information
Firestone Walker
Location: Paso Robles, CA
Twitter: @FirestoneWalker

A Craft Beer Event Recap, Sierra Nevada Event at the Iron Monkey

An Iron Monkey “Meet the Brewer” Sierra Nevada Event Recap

On a typical evening the typical patron would ascend Iron Monkey’s (@TheIronMonkey) typical three stair climb to the rooftop deck and emerge to a sun setting Manhattan panoramic view. August 19th, however, was different.

As I climbed the stairs to attend Iron Monkey’s Thursday night “Meet the Brewer” event to sample a delicious selection of Sierra Nevada (@SierraNevada) craft beers, I knew something was “in the air”.

When I got to the rooftop, I knew what that something was: a nimbus cloud that could only be described as the harbinger of rain. And rain it did. But the good news is that a little precipitation will not stop devoted fools from drinking. And drink we did.


Once at the rooftop, I could quickly see that Sierra did a tap takeover of the small six tap bar upstairs. Although Iron Monkey’s vast craft selection was available to rooftop patrons via the ascending / descending courier (busboy), it was obvious by the worn out taps what the dedicated Sierra craftheads were drinking.

I had a chance to discuss the evening’s event with Brian (Peerless Beverages & good friend of the website) and Chip (Sierra Nevada) whom both are involved with distribution and promotion of Sierra Nevada. Separately and together, these kind hearted craft beer fanatics echoed the collective rooftop group’s voice about the success of Iron Monkey’s Meet the Brewer evenings.


It’s great to see more and more bars in the NJ area begin to not only dedicate taps to craft beer from around the country but to also coordinate and sponsor events dedicated to our industry.

To those willing to explore both the physical and mental characteristics of this establishment, don’t be too surprised if you stumble upon a rare event, like the two highly sought after bottles of Firestone Walker (@FirestoneWalker) Parabola capping off our night.


At this link you will find a short write up for each of the beers that were available during the latest Meet the Brewer event (click on this link to view a description). If something tickles your fancy, won’t you jot it down on your Moleskin and visit your local craft beer store? I bet there’ll be plenty of people secretly thanking you.

Hope to see you at the Iron Monkey next week for Meet the Brewer: Stone!

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